I put a little more than twenty filters (six-millimeter) there, I did not notice an increase in the volume of the pouch itself in size. It can be seen that the idea is this – you put a stack of pieces of paper (through the slot on the side) and then you take it out one by one through the cross section. I would even call it stylish, it looks very personal in real life. It is pleasant to the touch, I did not observe smells (especially nasty ones). There are some flaws along the line, but not critical. On Ali I found literally a couple of different pouches for tobacco, and then, the differences between them are minimal. If you put them there in a standard cardboard package, then the volume of the pouch in https://tonaton.ng/s_22-water-heaters the folded state increases and this does not feel very comfortable.

Ali tobacco pouch

The compartment reserved for filters is located at the back and is a separate pocket with a zipper. Subjective conclusion. The material is soft, pleasant, the appearance is better than me The size is comparable to a standard pack of tobacco (for example, excise mac baren in the photo). There are only three branches. The material in the description is indicated as artificial leather. I poured about 40 grams of tobacco into the main compartment (almost to the top, where the fold line passes) and did not wake up outside. As an inexpensive accessory, this pouch has the right to life for everyday use. But the compartment for papers, as I think, is not very convenient, although it is done as standard. These are black (I https://tonaton.com/s_55-block-heels-shoes thought it would quickly crack and lose its appearance), the color "coffee" (dark brown) and in my case "brown". The main one is for tobacco, https://jiji.com.et/computer-and-it-services/desktop-pc the second one is for papers and the third one is for filters. Length 15.5 cm, width 8.5 cm, when unfolded it comes out 22. In addition, there is also an external line, in others – an internal one. Mini review of an inexpensive pouch for 3.0 dollars (of which 0.62 is the cost of delivery to Ukraine). There is on sale almost the same with buttons (magnet clasps) on top of the pouch itself, but I chose with those that are under the material. And accordingly, in this model, the buttons are not visible from above. The pouch comes in three different colors.