Peugeot 408 tips

The speedometer may already be 9,000 km, but I still can’t get enough of the machine. My battles with the assembly (Russia, Kaluga) did not work out, everything was well chosen and matched, nothing creaked and did not rip, it’s good when driving on our front roads here the front panel is creaky. The space in the middle is right in the middle of the baggaato, I sit behind myself (size 180 cm) by myself, throwing my legs over the leg, that space is left up to the seat, and my three little neughamovyh feel themselves nache in a one-room apartment))). The design of the car should be up to tsikh pіr, wanting to fix it at once, I’ll evaluate it, the car looked better, the yakbi is small, the false radiator grille is small and the clearance is less. To the point, if there is clearance, then the wine here is simply majestic, beyond my measurements – 160 – 170 mm, like in some places, which, with today’s minds, cannot but rejoice. The music sounds pretty cool, even if it has 6 speakers, I don’t plan to change it. Noise isolation on a solid 4 tse exactly, maybe more. Diesel is a little less if it’s only a little bit, or if it’s too fast, and so the engine can’t be a little more, more precisely, it seems like it’s petrol or diesel that’s impossible. Normal noise begins to appear in the cabin after 130 km / year and then more aerodynamic, and lower engine speed. The engine and kobil vistachaє with the head, it’s only 1.6, its dynamics is equal to 2.0 atmospheric gasoline engine, it’s possible that my thought, but the damage to the acceleration and overtaking is even higher, I would say not perfected in porn ahead of my feet. Infection (sometimes
I traveled to Crimea) I, the team and three children with a full trunk may not think about overtaking, throwing a lower gear, pressing the pedal and overtaking, obviously not in an emergency situation and don’t think that I’m a racer, well, I love to date captcha, ale everything is within reason. And earlier on Lanos in a similar configuration, people and passengers had to drag behind trucks for a long time. In short, it seems to be for the motor, or rather for the yoga dynamics, you don’t need to survive, but to keep the engine life in the salons of the service station and so you know the engine speed they said that after the three-way trip, or the need to drive on the motor – the engine didn’t immediately turn off, you need to give it a break at idle I want to hvilinkku, sob the turbine hit. Everything can be wrong with the installed turbo timer. I won’t say anything new about the checkpoint, for me after Lanos the box is like a box, everything is clear and without misses. And I want to especially praise the mover, because he gives comfort to him, it’s obvious that they set up for the Russians and us. It is impossible to break through, through the pits with a bang. Obviously, in corners there are rolls, but we still need to sacrifice: either management, or comfort and clearance. Although the banks are not catastrophic, I enter the turn at 80-90 km / year, so in our realities I think it’s not normal. Vzagali, if you get into the car, then you will set yourself up for a bigger or smaller quieter ride)) In this configuration, that car is all necessary and richly crinkly dribnichok, which is good for the skin of the day. Yeah, I almost forgot the most basic thing – the trunk and rozkhіd. Trunk maє 560 l
normal replacement spare wheel. In short, bags of 7 – 9 potatoes can be transported exactly.

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highway – 4.6 liters per 100 km;

disturbance – 5.2 liters per 100 km;

city – 6.2 liters per 100 km.

At the moment, I am satisfied with the car, so far there are no problems. Might as well want to see the optics – at night you can go early in the day. I want to say that the French are clearly underestimated, they deserve more stink, if only for diesel engines. Thank you for your respect.

09.08.2013 Good day or night to all. I want to tell you about my car. Having bought yoga on the cob, it sticks to this rock. Vibirav is not very long and it doesn’t hurt like a lot of people here. more

All the best! 12/30/2013 made a purchase, podkupiv m’yakistyu move, spacious interior, majestic trunk and clearance. Well, insanely, vitratypal: when driving from the salon to the house (100 km), I used 4.4 liters on the computer, їhav 110-120, I saw 7.2 in the city at once, but the run-in, miraculously rose and I take it adequately.

I don’t write about superficiality, I’ll show you for an hour, but otherwise, the quality of materials, soft panel, dual-zone climate, standard music – everything is fine.

Mirrors do not fit, do not fold automatically and are small enough, the rear mirror does not change the space when looking around in the cabin, it is more grandiose, if Toyota Avensis may feel discomfort, wide side panels, the view is obscured, not very large, especially when driving in reverse.

The sound seems ambiguous, but, like on me, the car is like that. Varto do not forget that it is a class, wanting both types and even extensions with an adequate price, like for a car with such characteristics.