New games in March: what to play in the first month of spring?

New March games: what to play in the first month of spring?

With the onset of spring, the games industry has finally woken up and many worthy projects are waiting for us: five AAA-class games and a couple of three new products that are simpler in scale, but not in terms of influence and expectations of fans Let’s see how rich the gaming March is.

Dead or Alive 6

Release Date: March 1, 2019
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Genre: Fighting< /p>

Story: Each fighter will have their own story, indirectly connected to the overall narrative.

Expectations: The Dead or Alive series attracts the attention of not only fighting game fans, but also connoisseurs of feminine charms. The female fighters of this franchise are as sexy as possible, liberated and naked, so during the battle it was easy to catch a combo from the enemy, looking at the charms of his or her heroine. But this was the case in the previous parts, and in Dead or Alive 6, the developers made the most dressed characters and focused on the combat component of the classic three types of attacks for the series. The pleasing to the eye swaying of the huge parts of the bodies of the heroines has not gone away, but now it is, in most cases, hidden under the clothes.

Left Alive

Release Date: March 5, 2019
Platforms: PC, PS4
Genre: Third Person Shooter , Survival Simulator

Plot: 2127. Republic of Zaftra (the most cranberry version of Russia). The city of Novo Slava is engulfed in war and the trinity of heroes needs to stop it by any means.

Expectations: We are waiting for a third-person Japanese action game with newfangled survival features and the most cranberry ideas about Russians. If you’ve ever played Japanese titles, you’ll understand that the weird plot just takes some getting used to and focus on stylish graphics, jaunty gameplay, and slick combat mechanics.

Devil May Cry 5